2019 Hilltops Shiraz -  A Glass of™

2019 A. Retief Hilltops Shiraz

Hilltops, NSW

Winemaker Alex Retief
Varietal Shiraz
Region Hilltops NSW
Wine List 1
Sommelier Gabby Webster

The Winemaker

'Alex Retief operates Sydney’s only urban winery. Everything from pressing to fermentation to ageing happens on-site; you can go along for a look if you’re intrigued about how winemaking works. Alex is a firm advocate for NSW wines and is quite vocal about his love for the quality of wine within this state.'

The Wine

'His 2019 Hilltops Shiraz is quite European in style... by that I mean it’s not huge, like a Barossa Shiraz and is slightly more fruit focussed. Red cherry and red plum on the nose while the palate is medium bodied, it doesn’t lack punch. Drink with a lamb roast, charcuterie and cheese, or just on your own, on your couch.'

-Gabby Webster.