Eminence Pinot Meunier Rosé (2021)

Eminence Pinot Meunier Rosé (2021)

By Jacqueline Turner

Producer Eminence
Winemaker Claire Burder
Varietal Pinot Meunier Rosé
Region King Valley, Vic
Wine List 2
Sommelier Jacqueline Turner

The Winemaker

'As young pups in the trade, I watched Clare run rings around our established peers. From curating consumer masterclasses to workshops for winery staff as well as supporting her family winery in the King Valley. Eminence is Clare’s solo venture into the winemaking world. Her wines are now poured in the great venues around Melbourne.'

The Wine


'Made with 100% Pinot Meunier, this moreish rosé expresses high tones of wild strawberries, orange rind, and pomegranate. A textural, floral yet dry rosé.'

- Jacq Turner