Frederick Stevenson Dolcetto Sangiovese (2021)

Frederick Stevenson Dolcetto Sangiovese (2021)

By Jacqueline Turner

Producer Frederick Stevenson
Winemaker Steve Crawford
Varietal Dolcetto Sangiovese
Region Adelaide Hills
Wine List 2
Sommelier Jacqueline Turner

The Winemaker

'Steve and I drank a range of Sicilian producers one night in my old haunt, Gertrude Street Enoteca, over a decade ago, and I’ve followed his voice and wines ever since. His wines explore the complexities of the region, never boxing himself into a trend, always ahead of the curb.'

The Wine

'This Italian blend is composed of 70% Dolcetto and 30% Sangiovese, grown from the hills of Ashton. Expressive notes of dried cranberry, cherries, plums, a fine coating of tannins with a rhubarb-esque tart finish. A rosso that can be served slightly chilled, accentuating its spice,alpine herb element.'

- Jacq Turner