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Curated Wines

We invite sommeliers from Australia’s leading restaurants to choose five of their favourite wines.

By the Glass

Discover new & interesting wines from independent winemakers without the price tag of a bottle.

Delivered to your door

Enjoy a glass of 5 wines for $45 delivered to your door. Or send as a gift.

We sell wine by the glass, well, TBH, it’s more than a glass but what’s an extra 50mL between friends. We use foil pouches or 'mini goons' as our friends call them because they're better for preserving the quality of wine and they're more sustainable than glass or plastic bottles.

Meet our guest sommelier

Gabby Webster

Head Sommelier
Bondi Icebergs Dining Room

Winner of the Australian Wine List of the Year. Twice 🏆🏆

Gabby has curated a list of five of her favourite wines for you to enjoy by the glass.

UPDATE: Gabby has nominated Jacqueline Turner (Lucas group: Chin Chin) as our next guest somm. She's curating wine list #2 now. We can't wait 🙌🏼

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Current wine list: Sold out

Subscribe at the bottom of the page and we’ll let you know when wine list #2 is available.

Enjoy a glass from Australia’s best winemakers

Covid, bushfires, tariffs and a bunch of other stuff has made our support for independent winemakers more important now than we could have ever imagined. We want you to try a glass of their wine, but also get to know a bit about them. If you really enjoyed their wine, shoot them a msg and tell them. If you find a wine you really love, buy a bottle directly from the winemaker so more money ends up in their pocket.

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"A Glass of is AMAZING. It's everything I've ever wanted: smart, ecofriendly and more reason to drink good wine(s)"

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“A Glass of is a clever way to keep your wine intake in check while still indulging... about as far away from wine-in-a-bag as you can imagine”