Recycling is good. Precycling is better. Our pouches are precycled, meaning they create less waste in the first place. They require less materials and energy to make than glass, cans or plastic bottles.

We're working with Swinburne Uni on the best next life for our pouches, but more on that later. In the meantime, you can recycle them at most major supermarkets. Or get creative and upcycle them yourself.

Less energy

Our recyclable foil pouch requires 73% less energy to make than glass.

Less water

Our recyclable foil pouch requires 94% less water to make than glass.

Less emissions

The making of our recyclable foil pouch creates 82% less CO2 emissions than glass.

Less weight

Our recyclable foil pouch is super lightweight so we can transport more for less, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

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