Read what Delicious magazine had to say about us 🍷

Read what Delicious magazine had to say about us 🍷


Not your usual cask wine, each pack is carefully curated by a leading Australian somm.

Petit cask, mini goon, vino pouches, call it what you will, but the technology and sales pitch behind A Glass Of is another example of innovation within the wine space that favours Australia’s small-batch winemakers when they need it; not to mention the committed band of drinkers who are keen to ditch any notion of unblinkered dedication to a single region, varietal or maker. The pitch is simple: a curated selection from some of Australia’s best up-and-coming somms. Drops from independent winemakers, delivered nationwide. But isn’t that just a box scheme you might ask? Well, no, it’s the packaging and the pours that are the real launchpad for this idea. For about $45 a box customers get five pouches of wine at 200ml each. A standard restaurant pour is say 100-150ml, so you’re a little over a glass and nowhere near a bottle. Cost effective for the drinker, there’s also a nice little sustainability story at play. 

The team behind A Glass Of claim that there’s less energy involved in production, with the recyclable foil pouches requiring 73% less energy to produce than a standard glass bottle, 94% less water and 82% less emissions. This conscious reduction in production is what some term precycling but you can also recycle pouches at any Redcycle™ drop off location.

Cask technology is nothing new and in recent years we’ve seen a swathe of new wave producers making cask cool, but there are other drivers that could make A Glass Of a go-to in this space. Consumer behaviour in younger drinkers is markedly different to older generations. On average they’re drinking less and are more likely to mix and match their drinks from wine and beer to spirits and low and non-alcohol options. So, smaller pours play well.

The current at-home wine tasting experience has been has been curated by Shell House sommelier Alex Kirkwood, and features Breaking Ground from Broke Fordwich (NSW), Mada from Hilltops (NSW), Maker Master Merchant from the Central Ranges (NSW), Harrison from the Barossa (SA), and Agóri from Riverland (SA).

While they’ll deliver nationwide, A Glass Of is also available at the likes of Sydney’s Ace Hotel.

Author: Max Brearly

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