• Can I buy wine by the bottle as well?

    No, we only sell wine by the glass because we want our customers to sample lots of different and interesting wines without breaking the bank. If you find a wine you really love, we suggest you buy a bottle directly from the winemaker so more money ends up in their pocket...hit us up at ​hello@aglassof.com​ to see if we can offer you a discount code to purchase a bottle directly from the winemaker.

  • How much wine is in a pouch?

    200mLs. We think you should enjoy a more generous serving to really experience the wine, so we've added an extra 50mLs to the standard 150mL restaurant glass. We always encourage responsible drinking, so now you can enjoy a glass without the ‘guilts’ of opening a bottle.

  • Where do you source wine from?

    We support the best local independent winemakers by purchasing small batches of their wine. We don't purchase any wine from multinational wine corporations.

  • Why are all wines the same price?

    We want our customers to sample lots of different wines, including varietals you may not ordinarily choose, so we’ve kept the same low price for all wines.

  • Is this a subscription thing or can I buy when I want?

    We might introduce a subscription offer in the future but we’re not fans of trying to lock people into purchasing. You buy, you like, you buy more. Simple.

  • Is your production in Australia?

    Yes, all wine filling is done locally.

  • Why do you use pouches?

    Our pouches are foil-lined so they provide an excellent barrier to oxygen (the enemy of wine) and light taint. They're also lighter for transport saving fuel. And, unless glass, they won't shatter or break if dropped.

  • How long does the wine in the pouch stay fresh for?

    We've included a 'best before' date on the pouch.

  • Can I recycle the pouches?

    Supermarkets have currently paused recycling of soft plastics. Some local councils are now doing curbside recycling of plastics so check to see if yours is. We are also working with Swinburne University to create sustainable and innovative new products made from for our recycled pouches. You can send your empty pouches to us for recycling at: A Glass of Pty Ltd 52 Coolstore Rd, Hacourt, Vic 3453.

  • Are pouches environmentally sustainable?

    Yes. Our pouches are recyclable, but we believe ‘precycling’ is important too. We always try to use less energy and create less waste in the first place.

    Our pouches require 73% less energy to make than glass.

    94% less water to make than glass.

    And create 82% less Co2 emissions than glass to manufacture.

    They’re also super lightweight so we can transport more for less, saving fuel and reducing Co2 emissions.

  • Are your shipping materials environmentally friendly?

    Yes. Our packaging is made in Australia from recycled cardboard and is recyclable. Our deliveries are carbon neutral too 🌱

  • How do I know if my order has been shipped?

    When your order is shipped, you will be sent a confirmation with a tracking number.

  • I didn't receive my order confirmation?

    Please check your email spam or junk folder, if it’s not there, email us at ​hello@aglassof.com

  • Do I have to sign for my delivery?

    We’re working with Australia Post to support ‘contact-free delivery’.
    Things are changing by the minute and vary state by state, but this is how contact-free delivery currently works:
    Drivers will keep as much distance from you as possible.
    Drivers will knock on your door, place your parcel at your doorstep and step back as far as possible for you to collect it. They will ask your name and sign for delivery on your behalf. If you’re required to present an ID, they will sight it from a distance.

    We recommend selecting ‘Authority to Leave’ for your delivery where possible.
    If you are unable to choose ‘Authority to Leave’ and not present, your parcel will be delivered to your nearest post office for pick up.

  • Do you offer large deliveries (for businesses, functions, events etc.?)

    Of course. Email us at ​hello@aglassof.com​ with your needs.

  • Who are you owned by?

    We are local start-up small business, proudly Australian owned and a certified member of the Australian Made campaign.

  • How often do you produce a wine list?

    We plan to produce 3-4 wine lists per year to start with and we'll expand as we grow with your support.

If you have any unanswered questions, please get in touch.