blü hen Dry Rosé (2023)

blü hen Dry Rosé (2023)

By Shanteh Wale

Producer Robert Stein Winery
Winemaker Jacob Stein
Varietal Sangiovese Shiraz
Region Mudgee, NSW
Wine List 4
Sommelier Shanteh Wale

The Winemaker

'Jacob Stein carries a tradition of rich family history (dating back to 1838) on his shoulders, luckily he has brawny shoulders and continues to ferry the legacy of winemaking success towards a bright future.'

The Wine

'This is a blend of Shiraz and Sangiovese, a Rosé made with thoughtful consideration and an astute palate for layers of flavour, but it’s not all about strawberries and cream. It’s also about pickled ginger, blood orange bitters and ruby grapefruit sorbet. It’s got a slew of savoury cured meats thanks to its varietal makeup. A Kampot pepper spice and it finishes dry and long. Its serious Rosé which is utterly delectable.'

- Shanteh Wale