Scion Daylight Red (2023)

Scion Daylight Red (2023)

By Shanteh Wale

Producer Scion
Winemaker Rowly Milhinch
Varietal Durif
Region Rutherglen, VIC
Wine List 4
Sommelier Shanteh Wale

The Winemaker

'Deep roots, new shoots” are the few words Rowly Milhinch chooses to describe his brand Scion Wines. Rowly takes modernity to the next level, rethinking and reimagining everything from the soil up. Don’t just read about it, drink it and then go visit him, you’ll be forever changed in ways you didn’t know you needed.'

The Wine

'Durif, it’s an integral part of the fabric of the Australian grape tale. Crimson hues in the glass this has all the red and black berried fruit, like a 90’s summer pudding without the naff, there is a touch of Marjoram, dried bay leaf with a steeped Rooibos tea leaf tannin, it’s exactly what is says on the label, made for daylight red drinking and great company.'

- Shanteh Wale