The Chardonnay Pack (10)

The Chardonnay Pack (10)

Gabby Webster


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Winemaker Nick Spencer
Varietal Chardonnay
Region Tumbarumba NSW
Sommelier Gabby Webster

The Winemaker

'Nick Spencer Wines is a small, family run winery dedicated to producing exceptional, handcrafted wines that honour the New South Wales landscape. I have spent a lot of time talking Chardonnay with Nick and we both feel that his offering is an exceptional example of Chardonnay from our home state.'

The Wine

'Nick’s Chardonnay is made from fruit coming from the Maragle vineyard in Tumbarumba. Picked slightly later than usual and spending 15 months in old oak - the reason being was to make a rounder and richer style of Chardonnay that still showed classic Tumbarumba crunch and finesse. The nose is quite subtle, with lovely hints of peach, stone fruit and cashew nuts. However, the texture on the palate is the winner for me... Like a big old cup o’ butter. Perfect with a 70’s style prawn cocktail, a roast chicken or when your folks come round for dinner.'

-Gabby Webster.