The Verdelho Pack (10)

The Verdelho Pack (10)

By Shanteh Wale


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Producer La Kooki
Winemakers Glenn Goodall & Mrs La Kooki
Varietal Verdelho
Region Margaret River, WA
Wine List 4
Sommelier Shanteh Wale

The Winemakers

'Glenn Goodall and Eloise Jarvis make some of Margaret River’s most prolific wines. When they clock off... well…the wild child in them manifests as La Kooki Wines.'

The Wine

'This is Verdelho but perhaps not as you know it, and why should it be when it’s crafted by a duo of top notch winemakers who are grooving out to their own tune. They have basically bottled freshness personified. You’ll be seduced by its springtime pea flowers, granny smith apple juice and the salinity of spit water sprayed in your face as you exit the best barrel of your life and it’s just as addictive.

- Shanteh Wale