The Vino Bianco Pack (10)

The Vino Bianco Pack (10)

By Shanteh Wale


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Producer XO Wine Co
Winemakers Greg Clack and Kate Horstmann
Varietal Cortese
Region Adelaide Hills, SA
Wine List 4
Sommelier Shanteh Wale

The Winemakers

'Greg Clake and Kate Horstmann established XO wines in their “days off” from making wine for other people during the week. Working with their favourite varieties from McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills.'

The Wine

'The Cortese grape is rarely seen outside of Gavi Italy, that is until, us Aussie’s, coined onto the fact the grape is hearty, tough and full of gumption. A bit like us really. Bright yellow citrus, lacey skin phenolics and a touch of briney salinity. It’s a bouquet of elderflower, meyer lemon quench & a fluffy almond meal texture. It screams DRINK ME with shellfish beachside STAT!'

- Shanteh Wale