Watkins Sibling Series Grenache (2022)

Watkins Sibling Series Grenache (2022)

By Shanteh Wale

Producer Watkins
Winemaker Sam Watkins
Varietal Grenache
Region Langhorne Creek, SA
Wine List 4
Sommelier Shanteh Wale

The Winemaker

'Sammy Watkins is a dude and he also makes wine like a boss. The Watkins family have been growing grapes that have been in hot demand for quite some time. Today the three siblings nurture the family business and it is THRIVING.'

The Wine

'I hope YUM is the first word out of your mouth. This showcases the Langhorne Creek intensity of fruit without any unnecessary oak to muddy it up. It’s perfectly ripe Grenache and it is delicious. In fact it’s almost cruel of me to serve you only one glass, but that’s the name of the game here, instead consider it foreplay and jump online and buy more.'

- Shanteh Wale